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Julie Frederick

Jamit! Jams, Jellies and Conserves

In 2016, Julie and her husband, Lowell, started exploring small business options for retirement.  Growing up on a farm in Virginia, Julie well-remembered making massive amounts of jams, jellies and conserves in her mother's steamy kitchen during the August heat waves.  So, Julie dug out her mother's coveted recipes which were developed during the depression era, a time when sugar was scarce and so jams and jellies were preserved with moonshine instead.  Julie made good use of her chemistry background and developed a modern day version of those amazing jams. 


Julie and Lowell sell their products at the Kalispell Farmers Market from May through October, the ACF shows in the summer and winter, and multiple holiday shows.  They are also featured at Murphy's Liquors and the Apple Barrel in Kalispell. 


Jamit! Jams, Jellies and Conserves



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